About Me

I was born to a one legged hooker under a blood moon in the middle of an apocalyptic drought liked to end us all. The whole Earth shook that night despite their pitiful lives, because the toughest somebitch ever to live just been born, and everyone knew shit was gonna change.

But seriously folks, I’m kind of a big deal but I’m also not. I’m a guy from the flyover states who writes and this website is my chosen medium to get my content out to the world. The blog is a gritty slice of life affair with plenty of side quests along the way. My fiction is all over the place because I like to experiment in my prose. You never finish learning, so I see my journey as a storyteller like a constant childhood. Children drink knowledge like water from the garden hose on hot summer day. It’s a feeling I refuse to lose.

So for now, I’m not gonna have a firm mission statement or cause or whatever, and likewise it would be difficult to set boundaries at this time. The fun is in the journey, so lets figure it out together.

See you on the page!