Happiness – a Serial

Here is a database in chronological order of all my posts for Happiness, my serial story. Every time I post a new piece, I’ll add the link here. You can catch up or read older posts again. This is just to make it easier for the audience to stay current and not miss anything as you enjoy the narrative I’m spinning.

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Happiness – The story so far:

Part 1: The New Style

Part 2: Hello Again

Part 3: Doggy Barks

Part 4: Coffee Twalk

Part 5: Women

Part 6: A Nice Walk in the Alley

Part 7: Back to the grind (get it?)

Part 8: Mysteries and Discoveries

Part 9: Employee of the Year

Part 10: Home

Part 11: Gone Away Again

Part 12: Static

Part 13: Where did this all start?

Part 14: Pit’s Interlude

Part 15: Hate at First Punch

Part 16: Paradigm Shift

Part 17: The Asylum

Part 18: The Asylum 2: I got Issues

Part 19: Breaking Point


Happiness is a work of fiction and I do not condone this shit IRL.