In a negative world, be careful to look inward to see the positive

Let’s face it, as mammals, human beings tend to remember the bad in an effort to learn what to avoid in the future. So think back to the days when our ancestors lived in caves, thousands of years before civilization began. We needed help to understand that going under water for too long sucks. We didn’t really need to know the why behind it, just don’t do it. These days, we all know what happens when we can’t breathe, so we don’t exactly need the lizard brain fucking with us.

The lizard brain refers to our most primal instincts. Eat-sleep-fuck, fire is hot, Family Circus was never funny, you know, the basics of life. We have outgrown our lizard brain, but it’s still there waiting to give us questionable advice. But all the book-learning we’ve done has led us to a place where the lizard brain needs to be silenced for most of our lives.

Take today for example. The odds are ever against me having to kill an an animal to eat raw. I’m not going to happen upon a slew of women who need impregnating and I’m not gonna stare at the sun until I go blind because I wanna figure out how it works. I’m not going to do any of this shit because I’ll go to my kitchen for food, I’m physically incapable of impregnating any woman and I have a basic knowledge of how we understand the sun (though we really don’t know how it works, now do we?). And all that is fine and good because I have civilized things to do.

But we all feel it, the pull to the evil nature buried within us all. We see a jogger and for a flash want nothing more than to careen our cars into them in a sickening turn just to see how big the blood smear is. Or the person at work or school who doesn’t know you exist but you hate them anyway and want to disembowel them in front of their crying family. Or we get urges to steal or fight or whatever bad shit.

We need to control these impulses or everyday would look like The Purge and in no time we’d be living in those caves again. Now we have movements to not eat anything with a face even though plants are just as alive as us, rape is now the most heinous crime anyone can commit even though that’s what sex is to an animal, and murder gets you a cellmate with a wang that’s a foot long flaccid and going to be up your ass every lights out for the rest of your life.

And what does this control afford? We have cures for diseases, a quest for knowledge and global food supplies. We don’t need to kill anymore, we keep our former prey as pets, sex is consensual and beautiful, and we have iPhones that stream hardcore pornography and football scores to the palms of our hands from space. Sure is better than gathering slugs for dinner and dying of old age at twenty five.

We’re continually evolving into improved versions of ourselves, both at a macro and micro level, and life is exciting and less scary. But still, we need to go one step further. 

That lizard brain is still there, collecting all these evil thoughts that never see fruition. All our manslaughter fantasies and the real dark shit we all think about but wouldn’t dare speak of aloud. These are, believe it or not, needs. And they are suppressed.

I’m not saying we need to rape and murder and get back to the caveman era, but these things do need to be acknowledged. The lizard brain is a negativity collector, and it can overflow and go wrong and make us go crazy enough that shooting up a school can seem like a good idea. Well folks, let me be the first to tell you, that is not a good idea. Not at all.

We live in a world where these things are increasing and I think part of the cause is suppressing the lizard brain. Well, good thing is I’m ’bout to drop some techniques on you to help get these thoughts back in their corner where they belong.

First and foremost, the only way to get over negativity is to add positivity to your daily routine. Look around your home. Notice that is in the exact condition you and your’s leave it, and instead of thinking what a mess it is, or how it’s not good enough, realize the hard truth of where you live. It’s not a cave. You have running water. You call people on you cellphone and they’ll come over and fix shit for you. You can control your environment by making it warmer, cooler, more or less humid, and all this shit is adjustable to your tailored needs on the fly. Compared to any cave, that is fucking awesome. You live there, meaning you moved in. Even if it’s temporary lodging or a homeless shelter, your ass is not on the street. Food is all around, so are opportunities to grow as an individual and nourish others and be nourished.

Now that we have established that even if you live in squalor, your life is undeniably better than the lives of people just 2-300 years ago,  take another look around your house. It most likely is full of memories or sentimental objects. And, it’s a showcase for your achievements in life. And even if the stuff has little value, it’s irreplaceable to you because it is you.

So take these things we collect and see them as generators of positivity. Find a place in your home that you’re fond of and use that place to sit and appreciate your life the way it is, and in this place, you can let yourself be filled with happiness for the life you’ve lived that delivered you to where you are, even if where you are isn’t where you want to be.

From there, there are a few things that can aid your happiness and help you focus on the good in life. You’re expecting me to say your kids, your significant other, your friends. Well, you’re wrong. Happiness comes from within, which is the pivotal flaw of the consumerist culture we live in. Don’t focus on external things to make you happy. There are people with 50 million dollars who are sure life sucks, and there’re people with half what you have who are happier than you.

Eat good, real and clean food. This will keep you from getting fat as me and it also affords your brain the option of happiness because you won’t have the deficiencies caused by our fast food culture. Drink water. It’s one of the most effective solvents on our planet, and it can eat metal and stone if you throw enough time at it, but it is what we run on. And you need to drink more of it. Last but not least is move. Get your body working. We are not our body. We are the ghost in the machine and the body is nothing more than a way for us to impose our will on the world.

So if you want to be happy, you need to afford yourself the option. Three double cheese burgers are not conducive to happiness, but a spinach salad feeds your brain.  So choose wisely what goes into your body and get outside and move that thang! And be thankful.

Be thankful for all you have and all you’ve experienced becaue it’s afforded you the road ahead. Everyday is a gift. You have a better chance of winning the Powerball twice in a row than you have of being born a human being here on Earth. We all came into this world on a win. Now get out there and act like you appreciate what you’ve been given, you filthy animals! The rest of your life will thank you for it.

— — —

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